Hi! I’m JoAnn Cutler, Artist, Art Therapy student and Interior Designer.

Art is a medium through which I can communicate myself to others and also gain self understanding. It is a means of discovering and expressing my true self, my inspiration and my joy. I have also explored my inner darkness through art, which I may otherwise be frightened of.

When I put my Interior Design hat on I am fascinated by how art enhances a person’s home, space and wellbeing. Producing artwork to suit a theme, colour, concept or energy is exciting to me and I welcome approaches for custom art creations.

Always feeling most at home living close to the ocean, I love the vibrant colours of the various blue and greens you uncover looking at bodies of water, and its contrast against gold sand, and the ever-changing sky. With such glory surrounding me, many of my artworks are inspired by the sea or the natural world.

Often intuitive, using expressive multimedia and watercolour, I love seeing where paint, mark-making and collage will take a creation. You will also see works of bold colour and graphite portraiture, and acrylic and oil abstracts or florals.

When I am not in the studio I teach Youth Art Classes where teenagers can get creative and experiment with different painting techniques, multimedia art, acrylic pouring and 3D art. Seeing how art can positively impact young adults, I took up the study of Art Therapy, which uses the power of art to improve a person’s well-being or support a healing process.

My aim is to invoke a sense of inspiration and discovery on the viewer. I hope you feel this when considering my art creations.

Lets create beauty and allow our gifts to shine together.