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JoAnn aims to immerse the viewer in contrasts and textural layers; of watercolour against vibrant ink, pen or pencil; or the depth of colour offered with acrylic paints intermingling with collage and stenciling.

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Meet JoAnn

Meet JoAnn

Hi! I’m JoAnn. I love experimenting with new techniques and simply having fun in the creative process.  I often don't have preconceived ideas of what I wanted to create, maybe just a theme, or a colour scheme.  I let the work speak to me and let it evolve intuitively.

My art is often textured and layered. I like exploring contrasts and taking the viewer on a journey of discovery.

Just like our human natures, we are full of contrasts. We are layered and colorful, we can sometimes be prickly yet we strive to be softness. Our exteriors can be a masquerade for the glorious colours we have within ourselves. If we would just let ourselves shine!

I truly believe in the transformative power of the creative process and arts ability to inspire students of all ages and abilities.   It allows a different kind of space for free and creative expression, while building confidence.  It facilitates community engagement and fosters up-building social interactions.

Most recently I have had the privilege of leading community hub art and craft programs in the disability sector.  Through this experience I have seen a transformation in the growth of clients’ confidence and talents.  It is heartwarming to see their passion for the lessons and how they enjoy sharing this experience with like-minded peers in a social setting.

When I put my Interior Design hat on I'm fascinated by how art enhances a person’s home, space and well-being.  Producing artwork to suit a theme, colour, concept or energy is exciting to me. Please let me know if you have any custom art creations I can assist you with.

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Art inspired by the rawness of the ocean, delicacy of florals and curiosity of animals.